Bank of America Data Center, Los Angeles, CA

Commercial Electrical Construction & System Installation Services

Bank of America

Project Duration
24 months



Electrical Services Project Description:

Dynalectric L.A. worked on six different commercial electrical service projects at the Bank of America data center in LA during a two year period between 1994-1996. The following is a listing of the electrical construction and control systems projects:

  1. Replacement of Emergency Distribution Power Los Angeles (EDPLA). This project involved the addition of one turbine generator and replacement of all of the emergency bus-duct and switchgear at the data center. The new EDPLA switchboard was designed with 8000 amp bus with load flow control expandable to 14,000 amps. Over 3,200 feet of 600 to 4,000 amp bus duct was systematically replaced during this project in a live main gear room without incident.
  2. Tenant Improvement Restack. The complete electrical construction remodeling of the office spaces at the data center on levels 2,3,4,5,8,9. Each floor had in excess of 60,000 square feet for a total remodel of over 360,000 square feet.
  3. Intelligent Control Panel (ICP) Emergency Building Management System (EBMS) upgrade. Two independent programmable logic controls (P.L.C.) based systems, one to provide input/output for indication and control for an Intelligent Control Panel and the other system upgraded the existing building management system to P.L.C. controls for the operation, indication and reporting of building and central plant equipment.
  4. Fuel Storage Facility. Addition of 4-10,000 gallon storage tanks to support the new ICP/EBMS system for monitoring and controls.
  5. N+2 (Natural Gas) Infrastructure Reliability Upgrade. System upgraded to provide a double redundant back-up for the electrical and mechanical critical systems for the data center.
  6. Site Scan Upgrade. Expansion of Lieberts SITE SCAN monitoring system and for the bank's primary and back-up systems and installation of new sensors.

All of the electrical systems retrofit and installation projects were completed without power interruption or loss of the back-up turbines at the data center. Our work at the data center spans over five years and involves all aspects of the banks operations. Not once did the bank lose power or processing time due to Dynalectric L.A.