Northrop Critical Power Supply, Hawthorne, CA

Design/Build Un-interruptible Power Source (U.P.S.) System


Dynalectric L.A.

Project Duration
12 months


Project Description:

Dynalectric L.A. successfully negotiated this design/build project to provide an un-interruptible power source (U.P.S.) for Northrop Corporation's main computer room at the Hawthorne site. Our design centralized around Holec Hybrid rotary U.P.S. system. Although this U.P.S. system has been in limited use in the U.S.A., it has enjoyed many years of proven reliability in Europe. This un-interruptible power source (U.P.S.) system does not use storage batteries, but relies on energy stored in a mass inertia device to ride through the outage until the diesel engine starts and drives the unit through a clutch as a conventional generator.

The electrical power distribution system consists of three separate containerized 1000 KVA modules and switchgear container for distribution of the critical power. Control of the power grid is achieved through the P.C. based monitoring system designed by Dynalectric L.A. engineers that is fail safe with "lock outs" and "prompts" for use by non-technical personnel. With the critical power source in place, we rewired the data center to incorporate the new power grid onto the existing data center supply and accomplished the task with zero downtime.