Hyperion-Dice I, Los Angeles, CA

Electrical, Mechanical Process and Building Control Systems

City of Los Angeles

James M. Montgomery/Parsons Co.

James M. Montgomery/Parsons Co.

General Contractor
Advanco Constructors

Project Duration
13 Months


Treatment Facility Electrical Construction Project Description:

The original electrical contractor was 18 months behind schedule on this construction project and Dynalectric L.A. was brought in to pick up the pieces.

Hyperion-Dice 1 was an upgrade to an existing sewage treatment process that included state-of-the-art mechanical process and building control systems. Although only 7,000 square feet in size, this project included motor control, PLC's, power systems, lighting systems, public address and fire detection alarm systems. Our crews worked sixty-hour weeks getting the project back on schedule and coordinating the instrumentation with the existing and new process.