Hyperion C-741, Los Angeles, CA

Treatment Plant Electrical Power Systems and Electrical Services

City of Los Angeles

Daniel J. Mann, Johnson and Mendenhall/Black & Veatch

Daniel J. Mann, Johnson and Mendenhall/Black & Veatch

General Contractor
Dillingham/Ray Wilson Joint Venture

Project Duration
60 months


Treatment Plant Electrical Services Project Description:

The City of Los Angeles Hyperion Sewage Treatment Plant in Playa Del Rey, project C-741 added 20 new digesters that will have a total holding capacity in excess of 50 million gallons of sewage, with a processing rate of 8,000 gallons per minute. Besides the twenty new digesters, Dynalectric L.A. furnished and installed eight 15KV electrical power substations, two 35KV electric transformers, walk-in load centers, numerous sections of motor control and all required instrumentation.

Due to a high groundwater table and visual consideration, this complex of modified "egg" shaped digesters is the largest in the United States.