Caltrans, Orange County, California

CCTV & Traffic Surveillance System Installation Services

California Department of Transportation (Cal-Trans)


General Contractor
Dynalectric L.A.

Cal-Trans/Nam Tu Dao- Civil Engineer

Project Duration

September 2002 - August 2003

Traffic Surveillance System Services Project Description:

This traffic surveillance system project consisted of the installation of various sized CCTV system poles with COHU Cameras. Also included in the project was the installation of camera control units that were placed in separate 334 cabinets, cabling, conduit, Maintenance Vehicle Pullouts and electrical service connections. The objective of the project was to provide Cal-Trans with the newest state of the art technology for Highway surveillance. The newly installed CCTV and surveillance system is now in full operation, which consists of 70 CCTV cameras and over 32 miles of fiber optic communications.