T-Rex I-25 Build, Denver, Colorado

Highway Construction Engineering Services

Colorado DOT / RTD - Denver

General Contractor
Southeast Corridor Constructors (Kiewit)


Parsons Transportation Group

Construction Manager

Project Duration
60 months

Highway, Bridge & Light Rail Construction Project Description:

Highway reconstruct with Light Rail

  • Add 19 miles of double-track light rail connecting to the existing system at Broadway in Denver and extending along the west side of I-25 to Lincoln Avenue in Douglas County and in the median of I-225 from I-25 to Parker Road in Aurora.
  • Build 13 stations with Park-n-Rides at 12 of the stations.
  • Construct a new light rail maintenance facility in Englewood.
  • Add one through-lane in each direction from Logan Street to I-225 (for a total of four lanes each way)
  • Add two through-lanes in each direction from I-225 to the C470/E470 interchange (for a total of five lanes each way)
  • Reconstruct eight interchanges, including I-25/I-225.
  • Reconstruct and widen numerous bridges.