Highland, Los Angeles, California

Automated Traffic Surveillance & Control Systems Installation: ATSAC

City of Los Angeles

General Contractor
Dynalectric L.A.

City of Los Angeles

City of Los Angeles

Project Duration
June 2001 - June 2002


Electrical & Transportation Systems Services Project Description:

This project extended the Los Angeles Department of Transportation ATSAC (Automated Traffic Surveillance and Control) system along the Figueroa Ave and York Blvd corridors through the Highland Park district of Los Angeles. The transportation system runs the length of both corridors in Highland Park and extends laterally along major cross streets.

Elements of the electrical services scope include an underground conduit system, fiber optic cabling for CCTV cameras, paired communications cable for fiber optic traffic signal controller interconnection, six new CCTV cameras, "hub" communication equipment to support the system, upgrades at the ATSAC center at City Hall, and improvements to 44 intersections that involved new poles, signals, controllers, street lights, wiring, detection loops and roadway signage & striping.